Press Release

Collaborate, Coordinate, Care

A collective effort of community organizations and individuals in Manatee County using calculated compassion as a process of lifting men, women, and families out of the poverty cycle.

What is Hope Pathways of Manatee County (HPMC)?

Hope Pathways of Manatee County (HPMC) is an initiative that was created to end homelessness in Manatee County by building partnerships between non-profits.  Utilizing the concepts of Calculated Compassion, HPMC has created a system to fill the gaps by creating processes to move individuals that are experiencing homelessness into an emergency shelter, supportive services, and ultimately into affordable housing.

It is the goal of HPMC to bring restoration to lives affected by addiction, mental health, abuse, and other life changing events.

The uniqueness of HPMC is collaboration, unity and the commitment to utilize specialized, state of the art software that allows all of the initiative partners to be easily connected, gather much needed data, and ultimately better serve those in need.

Hope Pathways of Manatee County Charter Partners

Community Partners

How does HPMC work?

HPMC acknowledges, applauds, and does not seek to replace the work already underway in the community with Organizations working to end the poverty cycle for others. The efforts will focus on strengthening the collaboration of that work through strategic partnership to collectively develop additional ways to assist those in need. The HPMC Initiative seeks to recognize those who want to work together and provide an operational framework for this initiative to strengthen and create strategies to better help those in need to navigate the process of restoration.

HPMC utilizes modern technology to assist the Organizations coordinated effort and to track strategy progress and monitor needs, solutions and results. Unite Us is the digital platform used. Unite Us is an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and social service providers at the local, state and national level.

What is a supportive services partner?

HPMC has created a unique partnership with charter partners who provide services to those experiencing addiction, abuse, mental health, veteran services, job training, education, food/clothing, transitional housing, and chronic homelessness.  These members sign a Memorandum of Understanding as a pledge to their commitment to this initiative to help end homelessness in Manatee County.

What are Community Partners?

Community Partners are those outside the supportive services who wish to come along side HPMC in other ways, such as monetary or in-kind donations, to support ending homelessness in Manatee County.

What are Affordable Housing Partners?

Affordable Housing Partners are businesses or Organizations in our community who want to provide safe affordable housing options for those completing programs or those who are one paycheck away from becoming homeless.