I have been working with Align Consulting for about a year now through a variety of community projects and initiatives. Christina Gerken is passionate about providing solutions to care for all of those in her community. She has been instrumental in pulling together key players to identify solutions to meet the needs of the community around housing insecurity, social care coordination and sustainable solutions for children aging out of foster care to name a few. Align Consulting identified Unite Us as the coordinated care platform to connect the social services, government and direct service providers on one network, streamlining care coordination and driving to outcomes. Christina and her team are outcome driven to identify gaps in services and identify solutions to meet the needs of neighbors in the region. It has been an honor to work with Align Consulting.

– Stephanie Harris, Senior Community Engagement Manager | Unite Us

Beginning with compassion and courageously tackling big community issues, Align Consulting tenaciously works toward connecting people and building high impact programs. Christina is gifted at listening and bringing together diverse groups of people who are interested in finding solutions to our community’s most pressing issues. Christina has been the convener and facilitator of Hope Pathways of Manatee County--a prime example of the type of bridge building that is needed to help communities come up with real solutions.

– Margie Genter, VP of Mission Services | Goodwill Manasota

The School District of Manatee County serves over 50,000 students and provides our community with a first-rate quality education.

We rely on partnerships with key leaders in Manatee County to provide the services needed for our students and one such successful partnership has been with Align Consulting and CEO Christina Gerken.

Christina and the consulting services she provides has been very effective in connecting us with organizations that provide valuable mentoring and character development programs to our most challenged students.

Christina’s dedication and passion to our community is shown through her hard work and commitment in making sure services are provided and deadlines are met. She is a true leader, and her extensive experience is very evident.

I highly recommend Align Consulting and its services. I am grateful for Christina and am very fortunate for her help in helping our community thrive.

– Kevin Chapman, Executive Director, Administration (Chief of Staff) | School District of Manatee County